About us.

We are pre-seed technology investors helping intrepid entrepreneurs build the future of work, education, and money in Boston and New York.

Our Mission

To consistently back outliers by being visible and accessible to exceptional founders building revolutionary companies regardless of race, gender, sexual-identity, or socioeconomics.

Our Investment Style

Historical and technological trends indicate the next quarter-century will unlock tremendous economic and human potential not seen since the advent of personal computing. To capitalize on these trends, we operate as true risk capital investors by investing relatively small dollar amounts into highly capital efficient technology companies solving previously unsolvable problems and advancing the status quo.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe diversity and inclusion decreases financial risk, drives innovation, and consistently outperforms. We look for diversity in the companies we invest in, and work closely with our founders to ensure they build open, inclusive, and diverse workplaces.

Our Core Virtues

As fellow entrepreneurs, we know what it takes to build a company from scratch and have identified four mission critical virtues entrepreneurs - and investors - must possess in order to create lasting new ventures.

  • Objectivity

    Founders must be objective enough to see how much the odds are stacked against them; how great a role chance will play in the effectiveness of their strategies; and the extent to which powers beyond their control will influence their company's fate.

  • Empathy

    Making difficult and, at times, unpopular decisions is part and parcel in entrepreneurship. As business leaders, founders must be able to connect with their team and communicate genuine understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

  • Humility

    As individuals we do not, and cannot, know everything. Founders must accept this reality and seek to surround themselves with experts capable of providing exceptional guidance when necessary, and meaningful candor when required.

  • Flexibility

    Not everything will work out. As leaders, founders must remain constantly vigilant of changing dynamics and always be prepared to accept new realities and change tack when things aren’t working out.


How do you decide when to invest?
Most early investors will tell you it’s largely a gut feeling. And while there's some truth in that, we primarily look for product-market fit.
What stages do you invest in?
We are primarily pre-seed investors.
What sectors do you invest in?
We are thematic investors and invest in the future of work, education, and money. This can include, but is not limited to: artificial intelligence, blockchain, decentralized finance and fintech, edtech, logistics, manuffacturing, and marketplaces.
Where do you invest?
We primarily invest in companies headquartered in Boston and New York, but will occasionally consider all US-based startups.
Do you lead rounds?
When possible, yes.
What is your average check size?
Our average check size is $250,000.
Do you require an intro?
No. We believe introductions can stifle the flow of capital.
What do you look for in a deck?
Brevity, a compelling story, and - most importantly - why you.
How do you prefer founders submit their decks?
Through this link.
What do you look for in a founder?
We look for entrepreneurs disciplined enough to exercise restraint, humble enough to admit mistakes, and flexible enough to change course.
What do you look for in a team?
Generally, we look for teams that clearly know how to work well together. We expect the teams we partner with to do great things, drive to solve universal problems, and the commitment to see it through.
Do you exclusively invest in diverse teams?
No. We believe diversity is critical to the success of any company and consider ourselves equal opportunity investors.
How quickly do you make decisions?
We make decisions within two weeks or less.