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We love meeting inspiring entrepreneurs and learning about the companies they're building. Have one you'd like to discuss? Let's talk!


We've started companies. We know the grind and the thrill.

We’re drawn to the dreamers who think big, even if the world says it’s “too early” or “too out there.” We've felt the same skepticism. But we've also seen where persistence and vision can lead. To us, it’s not just about writing a check. It's about standing with you, understanding the nuances, the late nights, the leaps of faith. It's about championing the kind of innovation that doesn’t just follow trends but sets them. Let's make the journey, and let’s make it count.

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Initial introductions and setting expectations

1.1.) Send invitations: Reach out to shortlisted startup founders via email, providing available time slots and outlining the format of the interview and presentation.

1.2.) Provide guidelines: Share clear guidelines on what topics should be covered during the presentation, including problem definition, solution, business model, team, financial projections, and funding requirements.

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Getting to know you, your team and your vision

2.1.) Understand the founder's vision: Begin the interview by asking founders about their motivation, the problem they aim to solve, and their long-term vision for the company.

2.2.) Assess the team's capabilities: Inquire about the founders' backgrounds, skills, and relevant experience, as well as the roles and qualifications of other key team members.

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Gaining an in-depth understanding of your company

3.1. Evaluate the pitch: During the presentation, assess the clarity, persuasiveness, and structure of the pitch, taking note of the startup's value proposition and differentiation.

3.2. Ask questions: After the presentation, engage in a Q&A session to clarify any concerns or uncertainties, probing deeper into the startup's strategy, market, and competition.

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We'll conduct follow-up calls, request info, & ask questions

4.1. Analyze communication style: Observe how founders respond to questions and feedback, evaluating their openness, flexibility, and ability to effectively communicate their ideas.

4.2. Determine compatibility: Assess whether the founders' values, goals, and expectations align with Athenian Capital's investment philosophy and approach to collaboration.

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Comprehensive Due Diligence and final review

5.1. Share interview insights: Following the interviews and presentations, reconvene with the investment team to discuss insights, concerns, and opportunities.

5.2. Reach a consensus: Evaluate each startup based on the interviews, presentations, and due diligence, and collectively decide which ventures Athenian Capital should invest in.

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Notify founders; begin negotiations & closing

6.1. Communicate the decision: Inform the selected founders of Athenian Capital's intention to invest, providing an overview of the next steps in the investment process.

6.2. Initiate negotiations: Work closely with the chosen founders to negotiate and finalize investment terms, maintaining transparency and fostering trust as you establish a partnership for mutual success.


For what it's worth, we're human. There's an exception to every rule, and most of our investments will violate one or more of our criteria.
If your company isn't a perfect fit, but reasonably meets most of our criteria, please reach out, nonetheless.

Frontier technologies are rapidly transforming industries by introducing cutting-edge solutions to problems that have plagued traditional sectors for decades. Companies that leverage these technologies aim to modernize and enhance the efficiency of historically successful, yet often overlooked industries that do not typically attract the attention of traditional venture capital. These sectors may include agriculture, manufacturing, and waste management, among others. By employing innovations such as artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), these companies are disrupting the status quo and driving positive change within these industries. As a result, they are redefining the value proposition for investors and stakeholders, paving the way for new opportunities and growth in previously underfunded areas.

This refers to companies operating at the intersection of multiple domains, possessing in-depth knowledge and expertise in each field. These companies recognize the synergistic potential of combining their proficiencies, leading to groundbreaking innovations and solutions. By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and leveraging the strengths of each domain, they create a unique value proposition that sets them apart from competitors. As authorities in their respective fields, these companies drive industry advancements and set new standards for excellence. Their interdisciplinary approach allows them to tackle complex issues from multiple angles, fostering creativity and innovation while addressing the nuances and intricacies that arise from converging domains. Ultimately, these companies are well-positioned to lead the charge in developing novel products, services, and technologies that reshape the way we understand and interact with the world.

Companies prioritizing capital efficiency and targeting a 40% gross margin are strategically focused on maximizing the return on their investments while minimizing operational costs. These companies often emphasize lean business models, resourceful use of assets, and streamlined processes to achieve high levels of efficiency. By maintaining at least 50% gross margin, they ensure a strong financial position, which can be reinvested into growth opportunities or utilized to provide a cushion against market fluctuations. Such companies exhibit a disciplined approach to financial management, often employing stringent cost control measures, strategic pricing, and continuous optimization of production and supply chain processes. This commitment to capital efficiency and profitability not only attracts investors but also enables these companies to remain competitive and sustainable in the long term, as they successfully balance growth aspirations with fiscal prudence.

Companies that exhibit a clear pathway to long-term profitability in the near term are those that have meticulously outlined strategies and milestones to achieve sustainable financial success. These organizations typically follow a proven model of business success, focusing on organic growth and profitability rather than relying solely on external funding. Historically, this approach has resulted in the creation of a substantial portion of global wealth by founders who prioritized sound financial management and steady growth. By concentrating on the core aspects of their businesses, optimizing operations, and addressing customer needs, these companies forge strong foundations for long-term success. Their strategic focus on profitability and self-sufficiency, rather than short-term gains, enables them to weather market uncertainties, maintain resilience in the face of challenges, and consistently deliver value to stakeholders.

Founder-Market Fit, a critical success factor, reflects the alignment of a founder's passion, market understanding, and industry experience. Passion drives determination, while market understanding enables strategic decision-making and tailored offerings. Relevant experience provides essential skills and networks. Adding demonstrable thought leadership attracts customers, partners, and investors, enhancing the company's growth and success potential while increasing its chances of making a lasting industry impact.

Embracing founders from non-traditional backgrounds, such as women, minorities, and individuals without Ivy League education, promotes diversity of thought and innovation within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. These founders often bring unique perspectives, experiences, and insights that can significantly contribute to the development of creative solutions and novel business models. By overcoming various challenges and societal barriers, these individuals have developed a sense of resilience, determination, and an innate desire to prove themselves. This "edge" can translate into a relentless drive for success and a strong commitment to making a meaningful impact in their respective industries. By recognizing and investing in the potential of founders from diverse backgrounds, investors foster a more inclusive and dynamic entrepreneurial landscape, paving the way for groundbreaking ideas and fostering sustainable, long-term growth.

Teams that operate inside or near major tech hubs and capitalize on the agglomeration and industry clustering found in major cities worldwide benefit from a unique ecosystem that supports innovation and growth. These locations offer access to a wealth of resources, including a highly skilled talent pool, cutting-edge research institutions, and established networks of investors, mentors, and industry experts. By situating themselves in such environments, these companies can easily tap into the collective knowledge, expertise, and infrastructure available, facilitating collaboration and fostering the exchange of ideas. While technology has indeed democratized access to information and resources, the strategic advantage of being situated in or near a tech hub cannot be underestimated. The proximity to key players and resources in these areas enables companies to stay attuned to industry trends, seize opportunities, and quickly adapt to the ever-evolving technological landscape, ultimately contributing to their long-term success.

Companies that spearhead significant innovation in technology or business models stand out in the competitive landscape by pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking. Investors are attracted to such ventures because they introduce groundbreaking technological approaches, venture into uncharted markets, or challenge traditional industries in unique and disruptive ways. These companies often act as catalysts for change, driving industry-wide advancements and setting new standards for creativity and excellence. By investing in these innovative companies, investors not only support the development of transformative solutions but also position themselves to capitalize on the potential high-growth opportunities that these pioneering ventures can bring. This affinity for unconventional companies showcases a forward-thinking mindset, emphasizing the importance of embracing and nurturing bold ideas that have the power to redefine industries and create lasting value.

We seek high-impact innovations that have the potential to change the dynamics of large markets. Black swans, as described by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, are rare, highly impactful and retrospectively predictable. By embracing the challenge of rethinking the familiar, we hope to identify these "black swan" ideas that have substantial upside or a better solution.

Companies operating in large or rapidly growing markets offer enticing investment opportunities due to their potential to generate significant returns and create substantial impact. Investors are particularly drawn to ventures that can disrupt existing monopolies or tap into billion-dollar markets with a well-defined growth strategy. These companies have the capacity to transform industries, challenge dominant players, and reshape the competitive landscape. By introducing innovative products, services, or business models, these ventures capitalize on untapped market opportunities, address unmet customer needs, and drive new demand. Investors who recognize and support such companies are not only positioning themselves for financial gains, but also contributing to the advancement of industries and the evolution of global markets.



Beyond our in-house expertise, we’ve built a robust network of experienced mentors, seasoned executives, and healthcare professionals to offer a holistic approach to connecting founders with the resources and support necessary for them to operate at 100%.

Leadership development & operations management

Leadership development and operations management support for founders to help them build effective teams, develop strong leadership skills, and optimize their business.

Key introductions & strategic guidance

We make key introductions to connect our founders with industry experts and providing strategic guidance to help them navigate the complexities of scaling their businesses.

Professional therapy & counseling services

We offer professional therapy and counseling services to founders, ensuring they have access to the mental health resources needed to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship

Culture development & diversity training

We provide culture development and diversity training services to help founders create an inclusive work environment and foster a diverse and equitable team culture.

Peer collaboration & networking

Our platform offers founders the opportunity to engage in executive training, team coaching, peer collaboration, and networking, providing a robust ecosystem for growth.

Executive training & team coaching

Our executive training and team coaching support feature equips founders with the necessary skills to lead and develop their team to achieve organizational goals effectively.