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Our Commitment to Equality of Opportunity & DEI.

Inspired by the birthplace of democracy, our name signifies our commitment to democratizing founder access to venture capital. We evaluate investment opportunities based solely on their potential for success, without any prejudice towards race, gender, religion, age, or sexual orientation. Our doors are always open, and we strive to provide equal opportunities to all entrepreneurs who present us with promising ideas.

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Our commitment to
diversity goes well beyond our firm.


2023 ILPA Diversity in Action, Signatory - AAthenian VC proudly supports ILPA's drive for diversity in private equity, emphasizing inclusive cultures and diverse teams for better outcomes.

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2023 Inclusive Capitalism, Council Member - As members of this Council, Athenian VC collaborates with global leaders to shape a more inclusive economic landscape, addressing disparities.

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2022 Diversity Pledge Signatory - We've embraced the Diversity Pledge at Athenian VC, underscoring our commitment to valuing and promoting diverse perspectives in our operations.