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Jason Mackey

Managing Partner / Co-founder

Jason is a seasoned entrepreneur and emerging venture capitalist with a proven track record of building successful companies like CXOHQ, Mack Supply Co., Modern Magazine, and Occam Strategy Group. In addition to his own entrepreneurial endeavors, he has advised over 200 established and burgeoning companies, driving hundreds of millions in revenue, and nearly $500 million in private equity investments across North America and western Europe.

As Co-founder and Managing Partner at Athenian VC, Jason is raising his first fund to support intrepid entrepreneurs democratizing artificial intelligence at the earliest stages of their entrepreneurial journeys. Beyond his entrepreneurial and venture capital endeavors, Jason is passionate about public service. He serves as a Commissioner on the Human Rights Commission in Somerville, MA, and has previously run for State Representative. Additionally, he holds leadership roles in nonprofit organizations such as the Economic Rights Council and the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, working to drive positive change by fostering creativity, leveraging capital, and emphasizing collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

Through his extensive experience in entrepreneurship, venture capital, and public service, Jason is committed to driving positive societal change, demonstrating a keen dedication to fostering innovation, promoting inclusivity, and building a more equitable future.

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