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We back intrepid entrepreneurs building exceptional AI software and hardware solutions from idea to IPO.

We target companies redefining the human experience by improving the way we live, work, and interact with the world.

Our Raison D'Être

Inspired by the cradle of democracy, our name embodies our mission: to democratize AI technology by making it accessible and beneficial to all.

We believe startups characterized by these Four Pillars will define the next generation of iconic companies:

Pillar I

Long-term Profitability

We believe startups with clear pathways to sustainable growth and profitability offer the most compelling opportunities for lasting impact and return on investment.

Pillar II

High Capital Efficiency

We believe that startups with lean operations and scalable business models are critical for ensuring both immediate impact and sustainable growth.

Pillar III

Frontier Technologies

We believe organizations augemented by frontier technologies like AI and Machine Learning will spearhead the next wave of societal transformation.

Pillar IV

Diversity of Thought

We believe diverse organizations and inclusive cultures spur groundbreaking innovation and foster resilience in the face of challenges.


Our core interests lie in catalyzing progress across key AI domains:

Artificial Intelligence

Why We're Investing: AI is at the forefront of shaping the future, offering transformative solutions across industries. Its capacity to innovate and optimize processes is unparalleled, promising a new era of efficiency and intelligence.

What We Look For: Startups that leverage AI to solve complex challenges, demonstrate innovative application of AI technologies, and have the potential to set new industry standards or create entirely new markets.

AI Software

Why We're Investing: AI software redefines the boundaries of possibility, from advanced data analytics to intelligent automation. Its versatility and adaptability make it a powerhouse for business innovation and customer engagement.

What We Look For: Companies developing groundbreaking AI software solutions that prioritize user experience, harness advanced analytics, and offer scalable, secure, and intelligent platforms to transform businesses.

AI Hardware

Why We're Investing: AI hardware is essential for powering the next generation of AI applications. Advancements in this area are crucial for enabling more efficient processing, better data handling, and enhanced overall system performance.

What We Look For: Ventures focusing on innovative AI hardware development, such as advanced processors, neural network chips, and AI-optimized storage solutions. Companies that combine technical excellence with sustainable and scalable production models.