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We invest in early-stage startups building SaaS, Fintech, and AI solutions to help businesses thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive economy.

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Our Mission -

To fuel the creation of this century's iconic companies by democratizing founder access to venture capital at the very earliest stages of their entrepreneurial journeys.

We believe startups characterized by these Four Pillars will define the next generation of iconic companies:

Pillar I

Long-term Profitability

We believe startups with clear pathways to sustainable growth and profitability offer the most compelling opportunities for lasting impact and return on investment.

Pillar II

High-Capital Efficiency

We believe that startups with lean operations and scalable business models are critical for ensuring both immediate impact and sustainable growth.

Pillar III

Frontier Technologies

We believe organizations augemented by frontier technologies like AI and Machine Learning will spearhead the next wave of societal transformation.

Pillar IV

Diversity of Thought

We believe diverse organizations and inclusive cultures spur groundbreaking innovation and foster resilience in the face of challenges.


We're keenly interested in innovation within the following sectors critical to businesses both large and small:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Why We're Investing: SaaS reshapes the digital landscape by optimizing scalability and efficiency. Its recurring revenue model, combined with global reach, promises stability and growth.

What We Look For: Innovative startups that offer user-driven SaaS solutions, showcase a distinct value proposition, and hold potential to disrupt or originate new market niches.

Financial Technology (Fintech)

Why We're Investing: Fintech, including DeFi, is rapidly transforming the financial realm. They streamline operations, democratize access, and introduce novel, efficient ways to manage finance.

What We Look For: Platforms that seamlessly blend user experience with robust security. Solutions that emphasize both transparency and scalability while bridging the gap between traditional and decentralized finance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Why We're Investing: AI is spearheading technological innovation, holding the potential to revolutionize myriad industries and redefine operational paradigms.

What We Look For: AI startups that focus on resolving pressing business challenges. Ventures that showcase scalable solutions, technological prowess, and a vision to drive meaningful industry shifts.